Prints and Framing

I print my own work for sale on Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper. It's thick, heavy paper that has a little texture and gloss and looks wonderful with the photos I take. I can also mat and frame my photos for you using Their quality is good and they have a limited selection of wood and aluminum frames with different matting options. I don't charge above cost for the frame. I price the photos to help recover cost of cameras, lenses, tripods, printer, paper, ink, camper, gas, plane tickets, tent, backpack, and those over-priced and equally awful freeze-dried meals I eat when photo-backpacking.

Please click the Contact tab above if you have any questions or want a specific quote.

"Medium" Size Prints: $60 print w/ or w/out border; ~$98 with matting and frame (e.g., for a 2" mat with wood frame)

For photos with the most common 2:3 aspect ratio, the printed area is 7⅛ x 10¾ inches. Photos with other aspect ratios will have similar area (8¼ x 8¼, 8 x 10, 6¼ x 12½, 5 x 15, etc.); I can print really wide panoramas up to 18¾ inches on the long side. Prints with a white border will have a smaller print area to fit paper size (e.g., 6 x 9 inch print area on 8 x 11 inch paper). A one inch white border is a good idea if you intend to frame without a mat or to not frame. A two inch mat and wood frame adds 6¼ inches in height and width.

"Large" Size Prints: $100 print w/ or w/out border; ~$148 with matting and frame

The printed area is 10½ x 15¾ (most common), 12 ¾ x 12 ¾, 11½ x 14⅜ or 9¼ x 18½, or a bit smaller with a white border.

"A Bit Larger" for 2:3 photos only: $130 print (no border); ~$183 with matting and frame

For photos with 2:3 aspect ratio, I can push the margins to the limit of paper size. The print area is 12½ x 18¾. With a 2 inch mat and wood frame, the outside of the frame is 18¾ x 25 inches.

"Huge" Size Prints or Canvas

I'll make these available at some time in the future. I'm currently looking at paper and canvas prints produced by Bay Photo Lab and solid wood "floater" frames from several sources. If I can make a few of these that look good to me, then I'll sell them.

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